Super large size outdoor advertising and photo style banners

We are a direct industry printer with 'buy direct saving policies open for individuals, corporate businesses and ad agencies etc. If you need total campaign management, we suggest that you ask your advertising agency or marketing company / division to contact us re: print.

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Super large, superb colors, nationally!

Made to stand out, the colors you can have are truly incredible. Each head passes over the material squirting high pressure ink onto the material directly. There is no need for further clear coating. The ink bites into the top surface of the vinyl for superior ink adhesion.

Note: The top caterpillar track moves from left to right applying ink, then, on return applies ink from right to left. This special movement means high definition twin pass printing. The roll increments per pass to provide incredible quality at speed.

Note: CMYK digital printing gives you fantastic photographic printing and amazing skin tones. Deep block of color and highlights will look amazing.


vinyl mesh polymers

Dyne level material at or above 40 are accepted when new. We do not use second hand materials and all substrates must be fingerprint free. The solvent pigment based inks are not suitable for thin plastics incapable of withstanding mild solvent contact. In fact, this is why our outdoor advertising billboards are so preferable. We only use the best materials to begin with...
The inks are 85% non condensing which means when cured, will not resoften in rain etc.


large format widths

The speed of the printing is controlled by the production team to ensure that prints appear to the best visually. If large block or solid colors are used, the team may reduce or speed the inline feed for better results. There is no need for clear coating...

material width

large format widths

The max print single pass is 3300 x 50m. Wider displays are electronically welded. This gives superior 'overall' sheet strength.



Posters, banners, posters, point-of-purchase displays and other indoor and outdoor graphics... print on demand piezomatic inkjet 4 color CMYK. Print resolution 360 dpi rasterized dot. The resolution is converted to 16 million colors...


About Color adjustment

We do not alter files. All printing occurs standard profile CMYK. Any color adjustment must be provided as a finished file from the graphic artist. Trade customers must supply ready to print outputs. We do not alter any files supplied.
Novice information. If you are not sure what final colors look like when printed in CMYK digitial, it will not be the same as your computer screen. Computers are RGB (red green blue) and are not ink. CMYK inks perform differently.
If you would like a 'live proof' printed onto the vinyl at full res, we do charge for that.
Artwork proofs supplied are PDF's in color via email. Live proofs are printed and sent via courier.

Photographic Custom Logo and Imagery

Photographic outdoor advertising display signs with large sized photos and creative work is easy with The banner king. Printed in wonderful solvent and uv cmyk ink, Prints are converted to color channels of yellow, magenta, blue and black. This gives an array of color that livens up your billboards. Oversized and excessive indoor billboards are what we do. Every day a banner or sign is being shipped across the nation..


There are standard sign edges applied to all banners and billboards that include:

bullet  What materials do you print on?
bullet  How wide can you print?
bullet  Custom sizes and different orientations
bullet  Do you print everyday?
bullet  Drying and Curing
bullet  Scratches and blemishes
bullet  Seaming and Welding
bullet  Vandalism and cleaning



What materials do you print on ?

Polymers, Fabrics, Dura Mesh and Vplus Vinyl billboard materials. Display Star Banners and Velo, Display Chief and more top quality branded materials. At this stage we are not accepting rear side illuminated (flex face). Mesh open weave and tight weave. Not, we do not print onto cheap polypropylene materials.


How wide can you print?

3.34m metres single width, then for wide formats, each sheet is tiled and joined using a special welding process, sewing process or technique. This makes your indoor billboard or fabric banner stronger than 'over width sheets'.


Custom sizes and different orientations

Actually, most work we do is custom sized. Standard billboard sizes will vary from site to site. So we suggest that you measure twice, print once.
Orientations. The way in which your banner drops does not affect the cost. Please let us know if the sign is to be landscape (wider) or portrait (taller) so we can plan into production nesting and save you money.


Do you print every day?

Yes, however, we delay your production in the print cue by one or two days because or orientation, color or deadline. Our standard target is 4 day turnaround, we trust that by offering a discount service, you can allow us to plan all projects for everyone's benefit.


Drying and Curing

The inks are solvent based and are heat cured at time of press and later full curing occurs at approx 48 hrs. Each job is allowed to settle for 24 hours minimum before the finishing begins. This may be delayed (as determined by the production team) by 48 hours. Heavy colors such as rich blacks etc may require additional cure time.


Scratches and blemishes

We do our utmost to avoid blemishes during the print process, however, can not guarantee slight manufacturing soft spots, blemishes or variations. This is not unique to us, material is not guaranteed by the manufacturer so we can not give guarantees.

Material Mills supply a QC passed standard that includes knowledge of print mishap and soft application. We can not avoid ti.

In addition, material passing through different handling stages may inadvertently touch sharp edges, sewing machine handling etc. So slight scratches may occur. We can not give guarantees against this. It is our endeavor to avoid this but would prefer to highlight possible issues here before you order.

Please note: Working with large wet sheets may occasionally gain a wet mark. This will be difficult to see when put up. We do not reprint or accept fault. It is an industry standard of moving banners and billboards around.


Vandalism and Cleaning

Vandalism is not that common, but it may happen. There is no way to remove spray can paint. Unfortunately, a new skin will be needed.


We are a direct to advertiser printing company. We do not install, rent space, manage campaigns etc. Rather, we are the guys for the billboard printing and sewing.

We have made over 10000 banners since 1993.

The Banner King has many different transport accounts so we can deliver anywhere promptly.


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