General business

We endeavour to keep the cost of buying wholesale printed signage to the lowest and pass on savings to clients.
We do not rent space or hire. Our business is the production of color and sewing.

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Business channels

We work for lots of agencies and individual companies. However, our discount service does not include holding payment accounts, this includes advertising agencies, marketing companies, government and council departments, individuals or small businesses.

About payment: Payment is due when the items are printed, sewn, packaged and ready for destination shipping. Credit card or cheque or direct deposit.

Our business is all about you saving money on production costs nationally. We trust you understand that holding accounts adds significantly to the final price.

Small companies. We do not manage advertising campaigns. If you would like us to send the items to your ad agency, just let us know.

We do work directly for new customers and individual companies.

Square Metreage

Our business is all about square Metreage and quality printing run through. This is how we keep the prices so low. We print, sew and package. Nothing else.


How are the items packaged?

General banners where it is advantageous to you are folded and packed for shipping.

Billboards, where it is advantageous to you are packed loosly layered in a collapsible fan/folding system. This gives your installer more ease and control for large sign sizes.


Volume Discounts

If you have upcoming large volume advertising campaigns, please forward a shipping list along with the dimensions of each site. The art team can nest multiple orders together to save you money.
Volume timelines: We suggest that you communicate well in advance for large orders. Printing takes time and will involve different time stages.

We have made over 10000 banners since 1993.

The Banner King has many different transport accounts so we can deliver anywhere promptly.


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