Are there discounts for making signage ?


Definitely, our company is pleased to provide discounts for retail clients, trade clients and advertising agencies etc. Discounts are generally quantity based and when multiple destinations are needed, a bulk shipping plan is acted upon to ensure the lowest possible arrival costs. We can send to a site address or office.


Queensland Temp Fence for Heritage Restorations


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Materials and quality that make your exceptional display sign!


Each banner sign from our company is completed with display use in mind. The materials are of ultra quality and are print surface coated to give you lustre, definition and clarity.

Note: Sleeved hanging banner posters are the most popular.


australia wide

Coming from a background of professional signage crafts, we also offer a range of signage making such as fabric and vinyl, indoor and outdoor event, flag, banner and display work.

custom design

inhouse / customer

You can supply files ready for large banner sign printing or ask our friendly team to create the work for you...
We have an inhouse design team and you can telephone anytime for advice pre order...

hanging signs

sleeves / snap

We offer two popular methods for hanging signs.
1. Sleeves... your sign slides over the pole and hangs using hooks each end... this is the easiest and most popular
2. Snap Channel... a special moulded aluminium rail open and shuts over your sign...

artwork & design

modern and creative

Utilizing more than 30 different signwriting printing software programs such as Corel Illustrator Photoshop etc the artists can use your discussion to create work or you may supply a finished file ready for direct printing, it's only a quick contact away using the toll free number top right, here are also other pages of notes...

If you supply finished art ready to go, there is no set up fees...


Annandale Auburn or Alexandra

Now more than 300 cities have ordered a sign in Australia using the quality we provide. Direct supplies for marketing agencies, advertising ad agency and other graphic designers including other signwriting company locations.


All along the Great Western Highway to Wentworthville or across states to the industrial areas of Footscray Victoria, our company has produced some of the best outdoor advertising billboards. We do not rent advertising space, rather, our sign company are the people you can turn to for large sized billboard printing.
One call can take care of all your signage supplies.



Definitely Australia Wide!

Our standard is to ship directly to you. Each banner sign is rolled on a stiff core so that it remains ready to put up. Everyday, a project complete is sent to each state from our one manufacturing facility in Melb.

About Shipping. Sizes that are really big, are expertly folded in a self lapping system so that when you put up the sign, the material drops as the billboard is extended across it's width. This means that if you are using lift equipment such as a cherry picker, crane etc, the sign will be simple to manage.

Sizes. Large sizes may also be electronically seemed and welded. This new technique of joining two pvc materials together makes the billboard even stronger than sewing pieces together.

About life expectency. We do not know if your order is intended to be seen for 18 days or 18 months, so all the promotional banners we make are for the latter or longer. There is no compromise in the material and inking, as we truly understand that advertising is critical for companies  results.

About Billboards. Timing. Our production deadline is generally 4 days plus shipping time from the final artwork acceptance.

Can I visit your facilities? We are sorry, but because we are in the advertising field, there are many confidential releases going on for lots of different ad campaigns at the one time, we do not allow public or trade into any facility. If you need a 'live' production proof, please ask and a small sample can be sent you. We trust you understand the importance of this policy. All images you see on our site are after they have been released into the public domain / and-or the advertising campaign is complete.

About renting space. We are not frame, structure or installers of billboards nor rent advertising space on roadside or street etc. Rather, we are the printing company other agencies use for the printing of such. We cannot refer a fabricator or manufacturer so that we remain completely unbiased. Customers can buy direct to save printing / signage costs. We provide one low price nationally so that you can take advantage of our bulk material purchasing benefits.


We have made over 10000 banners since 1993.

The Banner King has many different transport accounts so we can deliver anywhere promptly.


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