Sign Printing

From our low manufacturing base, signs, banners, fence hire and wide format shop and fabcards can be quickly sent to any destination in Aust. All available in strong fabric. Printing resolution is 720 - 1440 dpi high grain dot and twin passed or quad passed digital in solvent Ultra Violet (Sunshine) inks that explode in vivid color. Non tear material that can is lightweight non tear and easier to handle. "Oh! and its wrinkle free and you use over and over each season... heaps better than paper or card."

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More than advertising, the team cares about definition!

If you want to experience what the leading cheap sign printing company in Australia can do for you, and also experience the lowest, direct to you prices, one phone call will soon show you how our established company takes care of getting the details right.

Note: We don't put the signs up, we are involved in large printing onto Fabrics and substrates. It's just so much cheaper to arrange a local building contractor or your companies maintenance team.

for volume

re: even more discounts

The unique set up and volume based pm2 rates decrease for quantity. We also have a unique 12 month program for you to plan the total overall printing costs for your quotations and annual marketing budgets....

for customers

buy direct to save

Because of our experience and commitment to lowering sign costs, you can purchase any size or volume of outdoor advertising signs, posters and banners.
We ship nationally every day...

for agencies

advertising marketing

We understand the value brought by clients using advertising agencies and you can be rest assured that we do not later approach your clientele or undermine your important relationship. This has been our policy for more than 10 years...
We accept work as being your valued account and refuse to jeopardize it. We even sign docs when high level campaigns are requested. No leaks, no approaches and total confidentiality...

purchase orders

re: business channels

We accept work from government, authorities and companies who provide a purchase order...
Purchase orders must also state a payment date that is acceptable by our managers. We operate a wholesale business and do not monthly accounts. Payment is due on readiness of the project for shipping, if you supply a purchase order with payment promised at a later stage, it must be accepted by our managers and clearly state a payment date...

Our discount rates do not allow us to hold trade or company accounts...


All sides of the City

Billboards made for Lalor West Melbourne Industrial suburbs and main roads.

Prices and discounts

We are unashamedly abashed about how strict the payment policies in place are.
Working on super tight margins, we are a volume business and pass these savings onto clients. If you are truly interested in giving your marketing dollars more drive, we will provide it, you must provide payment before shipping.


Working on a four day production schedule also gives you amazing marketing results. For large orders, we advise that you plan longer production times.



Predominantly PC!

All our systems are PC, including the art department. Major software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel are used. We do not use Indesign due certain output restrictions. Quark files are not suited.

Only using Pc computers allows us to marry the converting dot programs inside the printing machine software. Files are best saved as PDF.

Any one can send the files. If your a privateer or professional, please send the documents you have and the inprint designers here will do the 'large' work for you.

For Mac users, please send files as a flattened PDF to size.

For PC users, please send files as a flattened PDF to size


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