Billboards your local maintenance crew can put up

Because we are not installers or frame fitters, our services of direct printing billboards for customers, and this concentration of service means lower costs. The new style of size and edge finishing means that any local building company or subcontractor can easily install your billboard.

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Fast print production in 4 days

Super site, maxi site, mini, street or road, building or wall, the size of product is unlimited. To truly save money buying shade cloth style billboards try working in 10 metre increments. Different customers and locations all have slight nuances, we suggest that your measure the width and height of your advertising place first.

Note: After you have put up your own billboard you will see how easy we make it and the massive savings available compared to programmed installation.


wall or building

Attaching a sign to the side of a wall or building is very easy. The cheapest technique is to nylon plug through the eyelet into the brick and/or screw through the grommet.
To stretch taut, use a slight amount of pressure downwards once the top is fixed in place....



If you are using a 'c channel steel frame, zincalum paneling or similar hoarding frame for the temporary fence hire panels, you can use direct screwing technique through the grommets or tie in technique for wire panels.
Tip: Send us a close up photo of the framing and we will store it inside your customer file for reference in the finish department...



custom sized

Putting up the sign can be with simple rope and eyelets, depending on size and surface, we suggest you call the team and ask which suits you best, they will also be able to price your work immediately using our unique discount pricing system...

getting it together

our art services

If you need assistance in generating the final design outputs suited for large individual or multiple print runs, please call. You may talk directly with the graphic designers inside our billboard printing company.
If you would like them to produce the artwork, our rates are very low and are hourly based.
There is no print cost for different colors and all billboard printing is CMYK solvent onto pvc vinyl.

If you supply finished art ready to go, there is no set up fees...



Who uses us ?

We have always operated a direct printing service for our customers, these include advertising agencies in Australia, other signwriting companies, promotional and marketing companies, corporate and entrepreneural individual companies.

At this stage

At this stage, we are not setup for rear side illuminated flexface printing.

Please also note, we do not install signs, rather we are the company that prints fence wraps, mobile billboard skins etc. We supply many agencies and wish to remain non-biased and totally confidential to there commercial needs. We trust you appreciate our companies need for this policy and it applies nationally.
You may buy direct any finished billboard totally printed to save.





A Great tip - finding a local installer

Most local travel tower, cherry picker, scaffold and lifting equipment hire companies have customers who hire equipment to put up sky signs etc. Place a quick call to your nearest equipment hire company. They will be able to recommend an install contractor near you.


Fanning ?

Small and moderate sizes are supplied folded for shipping. Large sizes may be fanned to assist install and lower transportation costs. The production team will help you.

About Transportation of works.

All items are packaged carefully for transport. Fanned sizes are not squashed into a box, but are lightly folded with adequate 'free space' between layers so that when the parcel arrives, the billboard will regenerate into it's original form.


Help for individuals and corporate businesses etc

Each item is finished ready for installation. If you would like us to send the finished item (individual or bulk) directly to your contractor, please let us know.

Larger sizes may be repeat folded so that when install begins, the billboard fans out as the contractor moves from right to left. If you would like the fan to be other direction, down to up etc, please let us know.

In most cases, (for large sizes) a three or four man crew will be needed for 4 hours onsite install time, so it is cheaper to 'hire' locals in your advertising region.

We have made over 10000 banners since 1993.

The Banner King has many different transport accounts so we can deliver anywhere promptly.


  Ready for you to put up  
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